We design the product and taught the artisans how to weave handycrafts from reused newspaper. Since the majority of artisans are women and bear responsibility in nurturing their kids and doing household activities, we design empowerment model in which they can weave at home without leaving their prior tasks. As we received order from clients, the artisans will involve actively in making products according to the demands. They will receive payment based on the quality and quantity products they make in form of saving account which they can take anytime. Changing people’s mindset is not an instant process like building sand castle. It takes time through consistent and several processes. Due to this consideration, we design our empowerment activity structurally and standardly according to the needs of community. Our dream is not only to create skillful artisans, but also encourage them to become individual who benefit their family and society. We also assist the artisans to build their capacity building through various individual capacity building programs, for example leadership, organization, and financial planning trainings. We also established Trash Bank in the place where we conduct empowerment activity. The artisans and other people may join here to learn how to manage trash in responsible way. The establishment of trash bank not only benefit for society and environment, but also for our business as we can gather newspaper waste from society in more simple way.

Salam Rancage also work with Corporate Social Responsibility of Kompas Gramedia to empower residents around Kompas Gramedia headquarters in Palmerah, West Jakarta. The activity has starting since 2015. Together, both of organizations commit in supporting community  to embrace financial, social, and environmental harmony within their life.