Salam Rancage Profile

Waste is one of main environmental problems in Indonesia as it notes that disposal sites are struggling to cope with ten million tons of waste every year. Variety of waste produced from industry and household in enormous number cause serious problems to environment. Multiple floods, water resource contamination, death of animals because of waste consuming, and some infected  diseases are exsiting problems resulted from inability to manage waste in Indonesia.

Responding to the issue, Salam Rancage initiated Trash Bank (waste collecting bank) at Bogor Green School in 2009. In earlier establishment, it aims to educate students, teachers, and residents who lived near the school to be more caring with environment through trash management activities. The program increases community awareness on environmental caring successfully.  

Looking to the bunch of waste collected in Trash Bank inspired us to up-cycle it into beneficial product that can be used and loved by consumers. The idea to turn reused newspaper into handycrafts came out when we find that newspaper is one of the most collected trashes from community and it is easy to shape in many forms.

The first product we made is pencil case from reused newspaper and it got many positive feedbacks from our customers. As we want to manage this business seriously, we established Salam Rancage into business organization separated from Sekolah Alam Bogor.

Salam Rancage becomes a social business that brings positive impact to society and environment based on community development program. Salam Rancage produces handycrafts made from reused newspaper and integrates with Trash Bank as primary channel to gather reused newspaper from society. 

In our perspective, the business we established is the way to achieve our goal, which is to bring financial, social, and environmental harmony in community we empower, the artisans. Most of them are housewives from low income household and considered being suceptible if some unprecendented crisis happen with their families. Our activity locates in Sindangsari - Bogor and Palmerah - West Jakarta where the number of low income households are considered relatively high.

Financial harmony indicates when community is able to fulfil basic needs, not only based on material but also mental attitude. Our activity means to increase community income and teach them how to manage household consumption. Social harmony characterizes when community is able to nurture social capital and having initiative to contribute in solving social problem in their surrounding. Environmental harmony manifests when society embrace perspective in seeing environment as vital part of life, so they treat environment in respecting way. Our activity commits in supporting community to embrace those values within their life. 


Salam Rancage designs and produces premium handycrafts made from reused newspaper while empowering women community to achieve financial, social, and environmental harmony.